5 Ways Tourism Supports Local Business

While ‘tourism’ for you could mean anything from a vacation to some exploration, it is more than just that.

For some, it is a source of employment and livelihood. Tourism impacts the economy in various ways – tourism in African countries, for instance, helps them develop their economy, and make local branding.

And it’s what makes the local businesses tick. In fact, in a recent analysis carried out by the World Trade and Tourism Council, tourism as a whole contributed to the world’s GDP more than any other country itself.

At 10.2% of the World’s GDP, it contributes a staggering $7.6 trillion to the world economy as stated by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The tourism industry In South Africa, for instance, created a good 32,186 jobs in 2015 alone.

The Top 5 Ways Tourism Can Support Local Business

5 Ways Tourism Can Support Local Business

For most local businesses, it’s the tourists that keep the business going. Here are five ways how tourism can support local business.

1. Employment

It generates direct employment and need for local transport, tour guides, hotels, and shops.

The requirements of more lodging, and food, means that more hotels and restaurants come up- often those meeting international standards to cater to the luxury demands of travellers.

The foreign currency involved improves the economy. Tourists prefer the local packages over any other as they know it’s the best way to explore the local culture.


2. Helps Increase the Reach

Local businesses can benefit from more tourists and increase their reach – word of mouth publicity and more modern methods like SEO marketing works the best to attract more visitors.

It ensures that people don’t forget to pay a visit each time they are around. There are plenty of eateries in Florida, for instance, that you really do not want to miss out on when you make a visit!


3. Cultural and Traditional Benefits

Many countries like Canada are diverse in their population – and since tourism is a career of making money from the originality of a place, only a local company can make the best out of it.

  • Local restaurants, for the local cuisine
  • Clothing marts, for traditional clothes
  • Shops, for their souvenirs.

Tourists are here to make memories and also to take some away – and that is something local businesses can use to make profits.

4. Business Tourism

Some of the tourists are not here for fun and vacation – business tourists helps the local economy in more ways than one. It increases investments in the businesses and chains for the growth of the sector.

If there is a good in-flow of visitors, investors would invest more – and at times, local businesses would get the funding they need to expand and do more.


5. Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions are the main reason tourism exists. With more tourists, local governments would find it easier to maintain them.

And this creates another source of income for the localities – where they could sell everything from photos to food.

local business

Local Businesses – Growth and More

Local businesses make more when they are able to get more tourists – and in turn, this helps make the country’s economy stronger.

In fact, there are many States around the world which has made tourism as one of their primary focus, with it contributing a major part to their economy. Maldives is perhaps the best example in this regard.


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