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Welcome to Oman Today, your gateway to Greater Amman

In the past few years, many references and sites have been introduced to provide services to visitors and guests of Jordan in general and to the city of Amman in particular, but in Amman today we feel that it did not succeed in providing the needs of users to the complexity and lack of comprehensiveness and lack of interest for Internet users in Arabic and promotion only for the category There are thousands of Jordanian sites on the Internet for all sectors, but without promotion through a comprehensive Jordanian directory of all websites.

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Therefore we have decided to establish the free website (Amman Today website) in Arabic and English to provide residents and visitors with various services, public information and daily news for the institutions, companies and services sector in Greater Amman.

The directory includes the name of the organization, telephone number, website, e-mail address and the address of the organization on the Internet

Thus, Amman today is the electronic link between institutions from all sectors and the main entrance to Jordan, which starts your day from Amman.

And through the special offers and daily services provided by the commercial and tourism institutions to promote their services and products can provide you with everything you want to know the news and information and services in the Greater Amman.

There is much that needs to be done to deliver a high-level service, and we recognize that we are at the beginning of the journey, but we are optimistic that we will achieve the desired goal.

Once again, welcome. We are optimistic that you will support us in various ways in publishing this site and make it your main site.

Finally, please do not hesitate to send any note or suggestion to improve or change the site to make it suitable or successful in dictating your requests.