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Five Star hotels Hotels 5 Stars Telephone Address Location E mail
Marriott Amman Marriott 56 07 607 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Jordan Hotel Jordan Inter 46 41 361 Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

The Meridian Meridian 56 96 511 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Radson Sass Radisson sas 56 07 100 Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

Regency Palace Regency 56 07 000 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Grand Hyatt Grand Hyatt 46 51 234 Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

The Royal Royal 46 03 000 third floor 3rd Circle
Bristol Brsitol 59 23 400 Fifth Circle 5th Circle
 Crowne Plaza Crowne Plaza 5510001 Jabal Amman Jabal Amman
Holiday Inn Holiday Inn 55 28 822 Medina Street Al-madeneh Al-Monawra Street

Four Star hotels

Hotels 4 Stars


Address Location
High Hotel Alia Gateway 445 1000  Queen Alia International Airport international queen Aliaa airport
The Johnson Hoyer Palace Al Qaser 568 9671 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Oman International Amman International 534 1712  The university street University Road
Jerusalem International Jerusalem 515 1121 The university street University Road
Arrow Arwad 5673 849 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Grand Palace Grand Palace 5691131 Shmeisani Shemeisani

Three Star hotels

Hotels 3 Stars


Address Location
Abuse into white 464 8883 alhussain Mountain Jabal Al Hussein
Ambassador Ambassador 560 7195  Shmeisani Shemeisani
Amman Crown Amman Crown 475 8180 Radio and TV Street RTV street
Amman Orchid Amman Orchid 552 2111 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Ammon Ammon 5680090 Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

Al Liwan Liwan 585 8125 Sweifieh Sweifiyeh
Carlton Carlton 465 4200 Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

Commodore Commodore 560 7185 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Darlette Dar Hotel 5622200 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Geneva Geneva 585 8100 Seventh Circle 7th Circle
Georgia Gardenia 5667790 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Amman Palace Qaser Amman 4646172 downtown Down Town
Marmara Marmara 553 0480 Um Uthaina Um Uthaiyna
Ochin Ocean 5517280 Tla Al Ali Teaa AlAli

2 Star hotels

Hotels 2 Stars

Telephone Address Location
The way Sabeel 463 0571  Second Circle Jabal Amman
The globe Mamourah 4778174 Middle East Roundabout Wehdat
Tower of Babylon Burj Babel 562 0509 Shmeisani Shemeisani
Palace of Balqa Qaser Balqa 534 3291 Sweileh Sweileh
Camillo Camio 464 4515 Fourth Circle 4th Circle
Canary Canary 463 8353 Jabal Al-Weibdeh Weibdeh
Caravan Caravan 566 1195 Jabal Al-Weibdeh Weibdeh
Dove Dove 569 7601  Jabal Amman

Jabal Amman

Jandola Gondola 5515656 Fifth Circle 5th Circle
Holy Land Holy Land 5341309 The university street University Road
Ramallah Ram Allah 4636122 Prince Mohammed Street Prince Mohammad Street
Razan Razan 464 9391 third floor 3rd Circle
Rama Rama 5816722 Seventh Circle 7th Circle
I walked Silk cut 463 7101 Jabal Al-Weibdeh Weibedeh
One Star hotels Hotel 1 Star Telephone Address Location
Al-Munther Al Munzer 4639469 Abdali Abdali
mercy Al RAhma 4775301 Mount of Crown Jabal High
Amman New Amman New 4773000 Units Wehdat
Prince of the East Amir Al Sharq 4656590 downtown Down Town
Asia Asia 4648851 downtown Down Town
The Sunan Al Sinan 4740748 Units Wehdat
Bethlehem Beit Lehem 4611305 alhussain Mountain JAbal Alhuseein
Cleopatra Cleopatra 4636959 Abdali Abdali
Gulf Gulf 4771016 Units Wehdat
Sydney Sydney 4622381 First circle 1st Circle
Hamouda Hamoudeh 4630568 downtown Down Town
Happy Land Happy Land 4628550 Abdali Abdali
Huai (Bonita) Bonita 4615060 third floor 3rd Circle
The Jewel of Jerusalem Jawhert aL Questions 4649482 Abdali Abdali
crank Karnak 4637361 King Hussein Street King Hussein Street
Lepton Lipton 4637580 downtown Down Town
Amman Palace Amman Palace 4646172 downtown Down Town
Palace of the Pasha Basha Palace 4645290 downtown Down Town
Shaheen Palace Shahin Palace 4648138 Jabal Al-Weibdeh Webdeh
Palace of the Abbasid Abbasi 4638505 downtown Down Town
Samarkand SamarQand 4127333 Ayadouda – before the airport bridge Yadoudeh
King Sultan 4639710 downtown Down Town
Shiraz Shiraz 4637919 Torch roof Down Town

Hotel Suites





Rosanna Suites

Rozana Suite




Wings of narcissus

Narjes Suite


 Bayader Wadi Al Seer


Shatha Petra Suites

Shada Petra


Fifth Circle

5th Circle

Olympia Hotel Suites Olympia




Delmon Hotel Suites Delmon 4639898 third floor 3rd Circle

Comfort Suites Comfort 5856184 Sweifieh Sweifiyeh
Crystal Hotel Suites Crystal 5692672 Fifth Circle 5th Circle




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