Visit Amman, Jordan

Why? The reason most people travel to Amman, Jordan’s ‘white city’, is because it is a great base for exploring the country. A holiday in Amman will also reveal the fact that this city (one of the oldest in the world) boasts plenty of historic sites as well as a modern ambience and culture.

When? If you want to stay dry, avoid a holiday in Amman between October and March, when it is wet and cold, with occasional snowfalls. Sun-lovers who travel to Amman will revel in the hot, dry, summer months.

Who for? An Amman holiday is recommended for serious travelers who enjoy discovering a different way of life and making excursions to unique and interesting outlying sites, like the famous ‘Rose City’, the historic town of Madaba with its beautiful mosaics, or the Dead Sea.

More Info: Before traveling to Amman visit our website , which gives comprehensive information on excursions and attractions, as well as basic facts about entry requirements, communication, health and safety.